Torrone Nougat Almonds and Honey Line America 200g

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Still based on an ancient recipe of a traveling nougat who since the end of the 800th century was selling this delicious dessert in the villages of Sardinia with his cart, it is prepared only with the best ingredients.

Method of storage: store in a cool and dry place.

Produced by: Antico Torronificio Pili
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Weight 0.25 kg

Honey (49%), Toasted Almonds (49%), Egg White (1%), Host (1%) (Potato Starch, Water, Olive Oil).


Nuts (Almonds), Eggs and Egg Products.

Average Nutritional Values ​​(per 100g):

Energy Kj / kcal: 2.042 / 488
Grassy: 21,0g (of which saturated: 1,8g)
Carbohydrates: 61,0g (of which sugars 59,0g)
Protein: 11,0g
Salt: 0,0g
Fiber: 1,7g

Antico Torronificio Pili

Torrone di Tonara: The tradition of a Sardinian dessert

THEAntico Torronificio Pili has been producing a tasty nougat in Tonara for over a century. Typical dessert of this region, the Pili family keeps the tradition alive by still using the original recipe and making an artisan nougat by carefully selecting the ingredients. Alongside the traditional flavors, over time, nougats flavored with Mediterranean flavors, milk and dark chocolate nougat, crunchy almonds and a nougat cream liqueur are added.

To remember and celebrate Tonara's nougat tradition, the Pili family also runs a small museum of the history of nougat and its production.

The history of 'Antico Torronificio Pili it begins in 1889 with Giuanneddu Pili, a walking nougat who incessantly traveled the streets to sell his sweets. More than a century has passed since then, the business has stabilized becoming permanent and technological progress has made some steps easier and rationalized the production process. However, the love for this work and the art of craftsmanship with high quality raw materials has remained the same.

Today, the family business sees the fourth and fifth generation Pili engaged side by side, the first to manage the company and prepare the dough, from classic nougat to new products, and the second intent on learning all the secrets of the profession to to be able one day to carry on this long tradition.

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