San Martino 33Cl Aluminum Hypermineral Can Sparkling 15 Cans

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Sparkling Hypermineral Water in 100% recyclable aluminum cans

All the taste and well-being of San Martino sparkling hypermineral water in the new aluminum can.
From the volcanic depths of Sardinia, 100% sustainable and practical.

Extraordinary taste, ownership and history

Among the few waters in the world classified as rich in mineral salts, Acqua San Martino has extraordinary taste, properties and history. Its life cycle in the depths of an underground volcano that reaches 1.000 meters makes it rich in extraordinary proportions of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, as well as precious quantities of lithium, phosphorus and iron, balanced by natural bicarbonates.

With its fine and persistent perlage, it is a perfect table water, excellent in combination with both raw seafood and braised, roasted and grilled meats. Its content of natural bicarbonates, among the highest in the world, promotes digestion, and leaves a pleasant sensation of lightness. Many chefs use it as an ingredient for simple and elaborate recipes: tempura batters, fish and legume soups, emulsions and steam cooking, to whip fregula and risotto. Thanks to the bicarbonate it is also an excellent ingredient for the natural leavening of doughs for bread, pizzas and focaccia. The recommended serving temperature is 11 ° C.

Excellent for tastings. Its bicarbonates cleanse the taste buds and allow you to fully enjoy the notes of wines and spirits. Also perfect for tastings of coffee, blue cheeses, desserts based on dried fruit, and any food that needs clarity of the palate.

Acqua San Martino is the only water comparable to a 100% natural hydrosaline supplement Calcium, magnesium and potassium, balanced by bicarbonates, are ideal for those who practice sports and for better physical shape. Both during meals and for training, Acqua San Martino provides a decisive contribution to the integration of minerals that are lost with physical activity, both at a competitive level and for those who practice at an amateur level.



Produced by: Acqua San Martino
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In the first decades of the twentieth century the Acqua di San Martino obtained gold medals and certificates in national and international competitions. To date, Acqua San Martino is the only Italian product to have received the "Diamond" award from the International Taste and Quality Institute of Brussels, which is based annually on the evaluation of 130 chefs, sommeliers, opinion leaders and experts. For 9 consecutive years it has obtained the Three Stars, the highest vote at the Superior Taste Award, the most prestigious among the competitions for quality food products. Due to its characteristics it has been defined by experts and admirers as the "Champagne of mineral waters" and "the Vichy of Italy".

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Weight : 5.30 kg
Dimensions: 29.4x17.8x15.3 cm

San Martino water

Among the few in the world classified as “rich in mineral salts”, the San Martino water of northern Sardinia has an exceptional flavor, nutritional properties and history. Acqua San Martino is the best-selling hypermineral water in Italy.

Its life cycle begins inside an underground volcano 1.000 meters deep, which makes it extraordinarily rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, as well as lithium, phosphorus and iron, balanced by natural bicarbonates.

3000 years of natural well-being
We are on the Coros plateau, in the north-western Sardinian province of Sassari, where archaeological excavations have brought to light some of the oldest settlements in Europe (XNUMXth century BC), and testimonies documenting the cult of water among the pre-Nuragic populations. thousands of years ago.

In the 1902nd century BC, the Romans brought their hydrological knowledge and began to build baths and aqueducts around this extraordinary resource. The memory of this gift of nature persisted over the following centuries and the first bottling plant was built in XNUMX.

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