Ermes Integral Red Rice 500g

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Ermes is a rice that comes from the cross between Venere rice and an indica type rice. It is an aromatic, fragrant rice with a long and narrow grain, characterized by a red pericarp, rich in anthocyanins.
It has a particular flavor and an almost sweet taste, which is why it is excellent alongside strong-tasting foods such as fish or legumes and despite cooking, it remains crunchy.

Average Nutritional Values ​​per 100g of product
Energy content 328 Kcal
7,4 g protein
G carbohydrates 69,2
of which sugars 0,2 g
1,4 g fat
of which saturated 0,2 g
Dietary fiber 4,8 g
Salt 0,04 g

Produced by: Riso I Ferrari
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Riso I Ferrari

Riso I Ferrari in Oristano is a farm specialized in the production and sale of rice in Oristano. In the 30s, in fact, the company became a rice farm, thus taking care of the production of rice. An Italian excellence that was founded by Angelo Mario Ferrari and that today continues thanks to the passion of his sons, who work alongside him: Giovanni, head of production, Daniela and Marinella, responsible for the accounting and administrative part), and Carlo, responsible of the commercial sector). The family story begins in the 4s, when the forefather Giovanni Ferrari moved with his wife Marta to Sardinia to work the land. Four children are born from their marriage: among them, Angelo Mario chooses to work in the family business. In 1965 Angelo Mario falls in love with Rimedia with whom he has 4 children: Marinella, Daniela, Giovanni and Carlo who now manage the company.

"Keep it going"

The passion and dedication of its founder meant that the company distinguished itself in the rice market for the cultivation of a healthy, certified, selected product and the Italian 100%. In the 1978, Angelo also decides to found, together with other Piedmontese and Sardinian rice growers, the SaPiSe cooperative, which becomes one of the most important realities at national level for the cultivation of rice in Oristano. This experience has been handed down from generation to generation, dealing with production with passion and making a careful selection of the best varieties of rice. Moreover, the seeds produced by the company have received several national high quality awards from the Bolognini Foundation together with the Risi National Agency.

Riso I Ferrari in Oristano it is a Sardinian excellence, whose main clientele is represented for 80% by rice growers and for the remaining 20% ​​by the retail sale of rice in Oristano for consumption. The company then launched its own brand, Chicchi D'Angelo, on the market, from the selection of the best varieties of rice. The Sardinian company brand offers a range of fine rice, grown on land overlooking the Gulf, on the Pesaria farm. The business market is also regional and consists of large-scale distribution and retail trade, but it is also international, as the company also works a lot in the USA, Qatar, France, Germany. On a national level it is possible to find some proposals in commercial chains present in other regions of Italy. Within the site it is possible to view all the products and also discover recipes and suggestions to better enjoy the Chicchi D'Angelo rice, the real flagship of the Sardinian company.


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