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Prexu is the intense and harmonious red of Cantina Lilliu.
Cultivated with the techniques of synergic agriculture in aridoculture, Syrah has perfectly adapted to the clay and limestone soils of Marmilla (Sardinia), developing a surprising expression of terroire. The Prexu is thus characterized by a range of spice that will drag you on a journey of suggestions: from ancient Mesopotamia - from which Syrah comes, to the heart of the Mediterranean, in Sardinia. With an exotic aftertaste but with a decidedly Sardinian character, Prexu has a well-structured body, a soft and persistent taste as well as a scent of ripe red fruit. Aged in large oak barrels, Prexu is the essence of pure happiness, all to be enjoyed.

Aging: 14 months in cask and 12 months in bottle

Organoleptic characteristics: Fruity, intense, fresh, sapid, elegant and persistent

Pairings: Ground appetizers, semi-aged cheeses, first courses of land and fish

Serving temperature: 18 ° C.

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Produced by: Cantina Lilliu
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Cantina Lilliu

Passion and tradition, true wine artisans

Gathered on the soft hills of Marmilla, the vineyards of Cantina Lilliu they lie between the ancient plateaus of Sa Jara Manna and Sa Jara Pittica, absorbing their history and traditions.

Respect for the land and the alliance with nature are the tools used to cultivate the four hectares of vineyard from which the wines of the winery are born.

Unique products, as unique are the processing techniques chosen by the company to obtain rich and genuine grapes. After more than 15 years of experience in the field, Pietro and Roberta have chosen to distance themselves from the easy labels and the trends of appeal - from the "organic" to the "natural" - to undertake a personal journey capable of intertwining innovation and tradition.

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