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Antonella tomatoes are harvested, selected, and transported as quickly as possible from the harvesting field to the production plant where they are selected, processed and packaged within a few hours while maintaining the taste and nutritional characteristics of the fresh fruit intact.

All the raw material processed comes exclusively from Sardinian crops. The high quality characteristics of Antonella products are the result of a combination of elements and processes that develop from the field to reach the consumers' tables.

Behind each package there is a "supply chain" made up of farmers, technicians, technologies, controls, research and experiments that ensure that the product remains unchanged from the garden to the table.
To attest the seriousness of the company, the various quality certifications, first of all “the traceability of the supply chain”.
Antonella tomatoes are grown according to a strict integrated production regulation that limits the use of plant protection products to guarantee the health of the consumer.

Fragments of tomato pulp of characteristic color and flavor, obtained from already peeled tomatoes, of an intense red color, typical of the ripe fruit.


Produced by: Casar Pomodoro di Sardegna
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Weight : 0.6 kg

Tomato, Tomato Concentrate, Salt.

Casar Tomato of Sardinia

Casar Srl is a company that has been processing tomatoes grown exclusively in the Sardinian countryside since 1962. The production plant located in Serramanna, 20 minutes from Cagliari, occupies an area of ​​about 120.000 square meters, of which 31.000 are covered. In 1999 it was purchased and privatized by Giovanni Muscas, president and founder of the Isa Group, who immediately understood the commercial potential of a product with exceptional characteristics and quality.

There are several main characteristics of the CASAR and ANTONELLA brand products, among these we point out: the 100% Sardinian origin of the tomato, the processing of the same made within 12 hours of harvesting, the quality of the processed tomato, the complete traceability .

All products come only from tomatoes grown in Sardinia in the Oristano and Medio Campidano areas.

In the Casar di Serramanna factory they are processed and packaged fresh within 12 hours of harvesting. The peculiarity is given by the fact that only elongated tomatoes are grown and processed which have a lower yield per hectare but a higher quality and sweetness than the round tomato grown in the rest of Italy. A small part of the production is dedicated to the “datterino” tomato grown in the countryside of San Vero Milis in the province of Oristano.

The Casar tomato, grown and processed exclusively in Sardinia, for over fifty years has brought the tradition and taste of the past to the table, enhancing the genuineness of a unique product that is born in an uncontaminated land, kissed by the sun and for centuries dedicated to agriculture. This generous land, thanks to the close collaboration between Casar and its historic and proud producers (gathered in the ARPOS), gives consumers around the world its most precious product: the tomato, grown and treated with professionalism throughout the production process. The result of the work of producers and technicians is a product rich in flavor, with an unmistakable freshness and aroma, qualitatively excellent for the realization of any dish.

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