Aged Pecorino Macomerese Plus Sheep Cheese 3kg approx

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Produced by: Guiso Formaggi
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Weight 3.3 kg

Sheep's milk, salt, rennet.


Milk and Milk-based Products.

Guiso Formaggi

Combining creativity and culinary art, Guiso Formaggi has quickly become one of the most exclusive Sardinian dairies on the Italian scene. We proudly sign our products that we can count them among the best specialties, even knowing that our cheeses contain a large amount of CLA - Omega 6 (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is naturally found in a certain type of food and which reveals important bioactive properties on the human body.

We are very proud to offer our consumers an excellent level of quality. Our secret is based on the ability to sail the great dairy tradition with a revolutionary innovative approach. Our products are created using local raw materials and eco-sustainable ingredients. Our factory boasts the presence of two photovoltaic systems and relies on an 100% green electricity supplier.

Longevity is not the result of chance. It depends on good genes, but it also depends on good habits. A writer who collaborates with National Geographic as a documentary author, Dan Beuttner, points to food as one of the main factors contributing to the longevity of Sardinians. Our cheeses, with particular reference to Pecorino Sardo, which is produced exclusively from milk from sheep raised in the wild and therefore with a diet naturally based on natural pasture, resulted in a product with a very high percentage of fatty acids of the type omega 6. To further guarantee a high level of quality and safety, since 2016 the Guiso Formaggi company has also been working in an organic regime. Guiso Formaggi is proud to belong to this very special experience.

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