Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fruity Reserve of the producer PDO SARDINIA Anti-refill cap 50cl

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The Producer's Reserve represents one of the points of excellence of the Accademia Olearia: it is an extra virgin, the result of a selection of olives harvested still completely green, combined with a cold transformation process that occurs at the same time as the harvest. The result is a product with a strong structure with a clear scent of olive, a green, fresh and pungent fruity flavor, with strong hints of artichoke and thistle, as well as marked bitter and spicy notes that are pleasing to the palate.

How to best enjoy it:
Its particular intensity makes it an element of prominence for the dishes of our kitchen. It is decidedly combined with game and dishes of particular intensity; raw use enhances its peculiarities.

Store in a cool place away from light.

Produced by: Accademia Olearia - Oleificio Alghero
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Oil Academy - Alghero Oil Mill

The farm was born in Alghero at the beginning of the last century, therefore boasting four generations of olive growers. Today it is managed, with dedication and passion, directly by Giuseppe Fois and his family, personally following all the processing phases, from cultivation to processing.
It has an extension of 200 hectares with about 25.000 olive trees, mainly of the Bosana cultivar, supplemented by the presence of other native and national cultivars, with the aim of improving and enriching the organoleptic and qualitative characteristics of the oils produced.

The Accademia Olearia Srl operates in a modern factory that insists on an area of ​​over 4 thousand square meters built with a particular focus on protecting the environment with the use of alternative energy sources.
It has a photovoltaic system with 60 kWh that makes it completely self-sufficient in relation to the electricity needs. The production of hot water and for heating is guaranteed by a hazelnut boiler that uses the same waste as the processing of olives.
Its Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sold and distributed, in addition to the national territory, in the major foreign markets; from Europe to Asia, from the United States to Japan, bringing the name of Alghero out of the island's borders to represent the excellence of quality production in Sardinia.

"Keep it going"

Regarding certifications, the Accademia Olearia:
a) has a company management system certified UNI EN ISO 9000: 2008;
b) is certified BIO and JAS with ICEA;
c) manages the olive groves, processing, storage and packaging according to the DOP SARDEGNA production regulations.
d) All the movements of the oil are monitored and controlled in order to allow the traceability of the entire production chain, from the production of olives and oil to the packaging lot of the marketed product.


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