Naniha - Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

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Cannonau di Sardegna DOC
Cannonau wine grown in purity (100%) on a straight foot

Color: red with violet reflections of young wine.
Smell: fruity and intense, with hints of red berry berries.
Taste: rightly tannic, dry and soft; harmonious and balanced.
Alcohol content: 14% vol.
Service tips: temperature 18 ° C; We recommend the use of the decanter or crystalline carafe for proper oxygenation

They are found in Ogliastra, on the Eastern coast of Sardinia. Spread over 20 hectares, they are grown organically, according to the traditional agronomic technique. They have an average age of 20 years, and the yield is around 50 quintals / ha.

It is made by hand with careful choice of the point of ripeness of the grapes, the result of the particular control of the balance between the soils of granite origin and the hot-arid climate of the Tenute Perdarubia.

Fermentation takes place in steel vats, permanently with the pomace for a short period of time. Maturation is also in steel with subsequent refinement in the bottle. The use of only flower must reduces the yields in wine, to the advantage of the final quality.

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Produced by: Tenute Perdarubia
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Tenute Perdarubia

Perda Rubia was born in the far 1949 from an idea of ​​the comm. Mario Mereu who, among the first in Sardinia, senses the potential of the traditional Cannonau grape variety, cultivated in the Ogliastra area since ancient times. The Perda Rubia wine, produced in the historic Cardedu winery, both with its own grapes and with grapes made by local farmers, is quickly appreciated even outside the confines of the island, conquering the international limelight.

Renato Mereu, son of Mario, carries on the family business, planting new vineyards in the 1971 with the application of a series of technical cultivation innovations that will from then on constitute the company trademark. The Perda Rubia, in fact, the only one of its kind, is now produced "in purity" from a single-vine Cannonau on "franco franco", therefore not grafted onto an American vine.

"Keep it going"

In the 2014 the witness passes to the third generation of the Mereu family, which starts an important work of renewal and revitalization by introducing the new Naniha label, with the aim of presenting Cannonau "in purity" on the new international markets, while respecting of traditional processing methods, handed down during the seventy-year activity.

Today the company has around 600 hectares of surface, all of which are organically grown, of which 20 hectares are destined to vineyard and the remaining part to the activities of olive growing, forestry and cultivation of ancient cereals.

The company logo, present in all products, is the evolution of the historic Perda Rubia wine label which, reworked and stylized, recalls the design of an ancient Sardinian fabric, owned by the family for a long time.


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