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By wildflower honey we mean a honey that comes from an unspecified multitude of flowers, so it can have a different flavor and color from year to year, something that does not happen with single-flower honeys in which these two characteristics are constant. The wildflower honey brings together the most varied properties of the floral varieties of origin. Its color varies from light amber to straw yellow, has a delicate smell, is liquid in summer and crystallizes later.
Millefiori is the honey preferred by most consumers.
Generally richer in fructose than in glucose, it is excellent for breakfast and snacks, while in the kitchen it is recommended on fresh cheeses and fruit salad.

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Produced by: Bio-Agri Silla Soc. Coop.
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Bio-Agri Silla Soc. Coop.

The agricultural company Bio Agri Silla, born in 1998 in Silanus, in central Sardinia, following the closure of a limestone quarry. Some employees now unemployed, decide to undertake what for some has always been a passion: cultivate and transform medicinal plants.

For about ten years he has been involved in the collection and initial transformation of spontaneous medicinal herbs, and for several years has started the cultivation of some species. It is a clear example of reconversion of the territory from industry to agriculture. Located at the foot of Mount Arbu, where mining activities were carried out inert materials, for several years it has also been involved in beekeeping and produces monoflora honey, abbattu, propolis, royal jelly and honey in honeycomb. The cooperative occupies for its crops an agricultural area of ​​about one hectare where they are present, as well as organic crops of rosemary, helichrysum and saffron, about sixty hives for the production of organic honey. It also makes use of a non-cultivable area, included in an environmental rehabilitation project, covering a total area of ​​seven hectares.

"Keep it going"

There are also: an iron and glass greenhouse used as a nursery; a shade for the preparation of a botanical garden for the teaching and selection of specific seeds; two laboratories for the processing and processing of agricultural products; a wooden house for teaching and dealing with promoted products; another building nearing completion for welcoming visitors.

The company Bio Agri Silla is inserted in an environment rich in medicinal herbs of different species, so a substantial part of the production of essential oils comes from the collection of wild herbs including: thyme, artemisia, laurel, myrtle, lavender, and eucalyptus.

The cooperative from 2011 is also an educational farm and carries on a series of apiculture and medicinal herbs laboratories with schools of all levels, universities and adults. Agri Silla, in collaboration with the Project H cooperative of Macomer, has recently worked on social issues, welcoming people with mental illness, to include them in the workplace.


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