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It is the most produced honey on the island (and one of the most appreciated). The plant is native to Australia and was transplanted to Sardinia at the beginning of the century to reclaim the vast swampy areas; it had a very widespread period until 1935, now reduced by the regional directives that favor the planting of native species. Originally from the blueberry family, the plant also reaches 25 meters in height and blooms in early summer, producing a remarkable quantity of nectar much appreciated by bees.

Eucalyptus honey is amber in color with more or less dark shades according to the period in which it is honeyed; it tends to crystallize very quickly and compactly, with fine and medium-sized crystals. During this phase the honey changes its appearance, becoming lighter and lighter until it stabilizes on an ivory color.

Taste and aroma
Its intense and very characteristic aroma is very reminiscent of that of the flowers and leaves of the plant; when it is harvested, one is struck by how its perfume fills the whole environment with a strong intensity. Its sweetness is less prominent than other honeys and leaves a slightly salty aftertaste; the aroma remains constant, without variations in intensity and vaguely recalls that of licorice, toffee, and dried porcini mushrooms.

Very suitable for breakfast or combined with slightly sour cheeses.

Allergens (even those that derive from cross-contamination): NONE
Gluten-free declaration: GLUTEN-FREE

Qualitative and quantitative characteristics:
Chemical-physical parameters: humidity below 18%, Hmf below 40
Microbiological parameters: Absence of microbiological activity
Nutritional values: 348 KCL X 100 GRAMS

Sensory properties
Appearance: Liquid, crystallizes within 90 days
Aroma / flavor: toffee aroma, undergrowth notes
Taste: savory, medium sweet salty aftertaste
Consistency: liquid or soft

Produced by: Terrantiga
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Terrantiga it is the first Producers Organization in Sardinia; founded in 2010 by beekeepers with 4 generations of experience, the goal is to distribute and promote the products of the members in all its forms.
Born in the Coop plant. Apistica Mediterranea, a company that for more than 25 years has been operating in the beekeeping sector, guarantees complete product traceability and top quality.
Honey, royal jelly, propolis, bee cores, fresh pollen, craft beers characterized by ingredients from the Sardinian territory such as Pompia di Siniscola, Peaches and Citrus from San Sperate and lots of Sardinian honey.
We are committed to organic production and to issues that are very dear to us as a defense of biodiversity and the environment.
We promote and defend clean and eco-sustainable agriculture, for a fairer and cleaner world, our story is unique from Salvatore Caboni to Salvatorangelo Deriu up to Assunta Collu and Cristina Caboni who from beekeeper has become a world famous writer.

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