Organic Asphodel Honey of Sardinia 250gr

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Organic Asphodel Honey

Asphodel is a polyenne herb-shaped bulb-shaped plant very widespread in Sardinia; its flower is very beautiful and characteristic, of a pure white with thin reddish amber streaks and develops on a stem 40 to 50 cm long; in large concentrations it appears as a white coat covering all meadows in spring. Present in uncultivated areas, in river banks and especially in the hilly and mountainous areas of Sardinia where it covers large areas.

Asphodel honey is an example of culinary delicacy: it has a golden yellow color (with more or less marked shades), clear and bright.

Taste and aroma
The vegetable aroma is very refined and intense, reminiscent of meadows, fresh grass, white and inebriating flowers after a small morning drizzle, when you taste it you are pleasantly impressed by its sense of sweetness never aggressive, delicate and refined , this honey surprises us for the aristocratic sense it manages to give to all the dishes it accompanies.

Given the transparent nature of this honey with a fine flavor, we can only recommend it with delicate flavors: fresh cheeses, herbal teas, fresh fruit, vanilla or yogurt spoon desserts and to sweeten coffee, if you do not prefer a strong honey aroma. that changes the aroma of the drink.

Allergens (even those that derive from cross-contamination): NONE
Gluten-free declaration: GLUTEN-FREE
Possible certifications: ORGANIC

Qualitative and quantitative characteristics:
Chemical-physical parameters: humidity below 18%, Hmf below 40
Microbiological parameters: Absence of microbiological activity
Nutritional values: 348 KCL X 100 GRAMS

Sensory properties
Appearance: Liquid, crystallizes within 90 days
Aroma / flavor: vegetable and floral aroma in evidence
Taste: delicate and not very sweet, very neutral and vegetal.
Consistency: liquid or compact

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Produced by: Terrantiga
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Terrantiga it is the first Producers Organization in Sardinia; founded in 2010 by beekeepers with 4 generations of experience, the goal is to distribute and promote the products of the members in all its forms.
Born in the Coop plant. Apistica Mediterranea, a company that for more than 25 years has been operating in the beekeeping sector, guarantees complete product traceability and top quality.
Honey, royal jelly, propolis, bee cores, fresh pollen, craft beers characterized by ingredients from the Sardinian territory such as Pompia di Siniscola, Peaches and Citrus from San Sperate and lots of Sardinian honey.
We are committed to organic production and to issues that are very dear to us as a defense of biodiversity and the environment.
We promote and defend clean and eco-sustainable agriculture, for a fairer and cleaner world, our story is unique from Salvatore Caboni to Salvatorangelo Deriu up to Assunta Collu and Cristina Caboni who from beekeeper has become a world famous writer.

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