ÍSULA - Blend Sardinia Tin 3l

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ISULA is an oil capable of bringing together the Sardinian varieties in a single great blend. It comes from a selection of the best olives of Sardinia to create a complete blend that satisfies all palates.

Organoleptic notes:
Hints of grass and tomato. Delicate oil.

Match with:
Versatile oil with extraordinary adaptability to different culinary contexts. Ideal raw on vegetables.

Produced by: Olio Gariga
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International Prizes

Gambero Rosso 2019

  • Best oil in Italy in value for money

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Weight 3.52 kg
Chemical analysis:

Acidity: 0,19% - K232: 1,8 - K268: 0,17
Delta K: 0,004 - Peros .: 3,0meq02 / kg
Polyf .: 265mg / kg - Tocof .: 201mg / kg

Olio Gariga

The ‘Gariga’ extra virgin olive oil comes from the passion, constant study and the desire to produce high quality in Sardinia. It is a cutting-edge company in the world of oil at national and international level that respects all the criteria of high quality through a latest generation oil mill of Mori-Tem (undisputed leader for the transformation of excellence). Processing of olives within four hours of harvesting with a two-stage system, controlled temperature, filtration and storage of oil under nitrogen. The contact with the most important university research centers on oil is constant. The company's objective is, therefore, to follow a quality path, constantly aimed at innovation and careful scientific research. Our oil is called ‘Gariga’, a typical Mediterranean vegetation found at the foot of the mountain. And it is right at the foot of the mountains of central Sardinia that our corporate olive groves are present.

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