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Nennu 1,2kg fresh goat's cheese

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Technical Information
Produced with goat's milk from wild pasture farms fed following the seasons and the forage and scrub characteristics of Sardinia.

1,2 kg.

Pasta and Flavor
White and smooth, creamy rind with light holes. Sweet or slightly acidic taste, intense aroma.

Minimum 25 days from production


Produced by: Formaggi Lacesa
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Weight 1.2 kg

Goat's milk, rennet, salt.


Milk and Milk-based Products.

Formaggi Lacesa

At the beginning of the century, in the Campeda area in the heart of Sardinia, a group of breeders decided to set up a cooperative to produce and market cheese.

Dairy art
The Campeda plateau and the Marghine region are characterized by a geoclimatic position that makes them ideal pastures, both for the abundance of fodder and for the great variety of aromatic herbs that give the milk and its derivatives unrivaled characteristics and flavors.

"Keep it going"

The fertile pastures, the selected livestock and the millenary dairy tradition of the inhabitants of the area, were the necessary and irreplaceable elements that gave life to LACESA (Latteria Centro Sardegna), through the fusion of the old cooperatives of Bortigali, Macomer and Silanus.

Over the years, the LACESA Cooperative has always maintained a high quality standard in its dairy production, through the careful selection of milk, strict production processes and livestock assistance to breeders.


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