Craft Beer - Blonde Ale San Martino 33cl

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The precious minerals collected by the Acqua San Martino among its volcanic rocks are combined with the best hops to create a SPECTACULAR BEER.

It is a beer with a soft and white head, persistent and fragrant.

On the nose mineral notes of citrus peel, spring and summer flowers, malt and honey.

The bitterness of the hops, well balanced, compensates for the sweet notes of the malt in a perfect and harmonious balance.

Extremely pleasant, with extraordinarily fine bubbles.

Swirl the bottle carefully to mix the yeasts.
Pour from a height of 10 cm to obtain a perfect foam.
The ideal serving temperature is 5/7 ° C.
It is advisable to store in a cool and dry place, keeping the packages in an upright position.
Any deposits are characteristic of the artisanal method.

Artisan method. Not filtered. Not pasteurized.
Style: Blonde Ale
Serving temperature: 5-7 ° C
Alcoholic strength: 4.6% vol.
Fermentation: High
IBU (International Bitterness Unit): 13
EBC (European Brewery Convention): 5

Produced by: Acqua San Martino
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San Martino water

Among the few in the world classified as “rich in mineral salts”, the San Martino water of northern Sardinia has an exceptional flavor, nutritional properties and history. Acqua San Martino is the best-selling hypermineral water in Italy.

Its life cycle begins inside an underground volcano 1.000 meters deep, which makes it extraordinarily rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, as well as lithium, phosphorus and iron, balanced by natural bicarbonates.

3000 years of natural well-being
We are on the Coros plateau, in the north-western Sardinian province of Sassari, where archaeological excavations have brought to light some of the oldest settlements in Europe (XNUMXth century BC), and testimonies documenting the cult of water among the pre-Nuragic populations. thousands of years ago.

In the 1902nd century BC, the Romans brought their hydrological knowledge and began to build baths and aqueducts around this extraordinary resource. The memory of this gift of nature persisted over the following centuries and the first bottling plant was built in XNUMX.

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