Arcanos - Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

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ARCANOS is made from 100% Cannonau grapes with a maximum production of 20.000 bottles per year, for an extremely elegant and fine wine. A beautiful sandstone and calcareous soil justifies the exclusive use of Cannonau, planted on gentle slopes facing south, in the high areas of the Sorso area. The work of the vineyard is managed with a view to quality, and the harvest is manual and scheduled according to optimal ripeness. Aging completes the development of a wine to be kept for a long time, but pleasant to drink even when young. The vinification takes place in thermoregulated stainless steel tanks of 100 hl., Maintaining the freshness of the fruit, the roundness, the softness and respecting the characteristics of the terroir.

Color: Intense ruby.

Perfume: Approaching it on the nose, it captures an intense aroma of black currant, cherry, tobacco, licorice. Ethereal shades.

Taste: A wine that undoubtedly stimulates drinking, typical Cannonau without unnecessary loads and excesses of softness, but played on freshness and conservation, long and convincing finish, with further evolutionary perspectives. It has no problem accompanying meat dishes such as baked meat or casserole, but it does not cause any concern if it is combined with cod in casserole.

"Keep it going"

Denomination: ARCANOS controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin.

Grapes: 100% Cannonau from Sardinia.

Vineyard location: Surface: 4 has. 200 meters above sea level with south / south-west exposure.

Density per hectare: 5.500 stocks / hectare.

Training system: Spurred cordon.

Harvest period: It was done by hand, starting from 2 to 9 October.

Fermentation temperature: approximately 24 ° C with controlled temperature.

Aging: 12 months in steel and for eight months in bottle.

Alcohol content: 15% vol.

Total acidity: 4,60 gr / liter.

Extract: 24 gr / liter

Production: 10.000 bottles Htt.

Serving temperature: serve at room temperature, decanting is recommended.


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Produced by: Vini Murales
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Vini Murales

When you disembark in Gallura, consciously or not, a huge amount of sensory stimuli are activated and forces us to better observe the environment around us. The sense immediately involved is the sight and the consequent perception is that of a "MURALES", a color world that engulfs and attracts us;

“The earth uses the vine as an instrument of union with man, it gives information to the grape that it raises with care, which writes the codes in its notebook, the wine. The senses responsible for its decoding create a visceral relationship with the elements, giving us almost spiritual emotions with the aim of helping us to insert ourselves into a perfect system. The earth tries to teach us to love it so as not to harm it. "

The passion for vines and wine are in the soul of those who, thanks to careful management, control what nature offers. Modern technologies allow us, in the various steps, from the grape to the must ... to the wine ... to the bottle, to conquer its value, elegance and balance.

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