Macaroons bag 100gr

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Product subject to natural weight loss

Produced by: Il Giglio Dolci di Sardegna
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Weight 0.15 kg

Sweet peeled almonds, egg white, bitter almonds, cane sugar, natural flavors.


Nuts (sweet and bitter almonds), eggs and egg products.

Average Nutritional Values ​​(per 100g):

Energy 854.11 kj 202.88 kcal
Fats 11.03g (of which saturated 0.92g)
Carbohydrates 20.74g (of which sugars 20.56g)
Protein 5.03g
Sale 0.03g

Il Giglio Dolci di Sardegna

Il Giglio Dolci di Sardegna is the second chapter of a story that originated in November 1996 in Sennori, in the heart of Romangia, in a small artisan workshop where the Zene family decided to realize their passion by starting a production of Sardinian sweets.

Since then, having as its first source of inspiration the dictates of ancient family recipes, the company has reinterpreted, renewed and perfected the traditional confectionery, combining simple ingredients of the gastronomic heritage, such as almonds, raisins or honey, giving shape to products that hold intrinsic meanings and values ​​of the local culture.

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