Malloreddus alla Carlofortina Carloforte is a city located on the island of San Pietro in the wonderful archipelago of Sulcis, in southern Sardinia. The city was founded by a colony of fishermen of Ligurian origin, known as Tabarchini, who had already emigrated to Tunisia on the island of Tabarka. This has led to a strong Ligurian and Tunisian influence in the culture and […]
Frattau bread Frattau bread, also called fratau or vrattàu bread, is a recipe that calls for the use of carasau bread. The name "frattau" comes from the verb "frattato" which means to mince or grate, which means that frattau bread is made up of pieces of crumbled bread. This bread was originally created to not waste bread […]
Pane Carasau and Pane Guttiau Sardinian carasau bread, also known as “pane carasatu” or “fresa“, is a typical product of Sardinia. Its history dates back to antiquity, when the inhabitants of the island had to find ways to store bread for a long time, especially during the seasons when the harvest was scarce. Pane carasau was created for this purpose, […]
The Sardinian Blue Zone Sardinia is known for being one of the so-called "blue zones", i.e. areas of the world where the inhabitants have a particularly high life expectancy. This phenomenon has been attributed to a combination of factors, including a fish-based diet, an active lifestyle, and a strong community. Furthermore, the inhabitants […]